Welcome to the Bellingham Writers Group!

We are an open group of fiction writers. Our goal is to help members improve their writing, and toward that end we give each-other thorough, honest feedback, encouragement and information about other resources for aspiring authors.

We meet on the 2nd Tuesday of each month, from 6:30-8:30pm at a TBD location. Please note, the most reliable source of information about our upcoming meetings is our Google email group. To participate in the critique or have your own work critiqued, you must join our Google email group. That is where we share items for critique in advance of the meetings. Don’t be shy. Join the group and say hello, or ask any questions you have, we are a friendly bunch.

To have your work critiqued, it must be submitted in advance. Either: one week before the meeting (5000 word max) or more than three days before the meeting (2500 word max). That way everyone can read each others works in advance and prepare a few constructive comments.

We encourage you to come and check us out, even if you don’t submit anything for critique and haven’t had a chance to read the works submitted for critique.

Suggested Guidelines: