Thanks to Scott for discovering that the Library is closed on Monday because it’s President’s Day. I called them and, sure enough, due to the closure, we won’t be able to meet in the conference room.

Also, the conference room is booked for the following Monday, so I figured we should just re-convene on the 3rd Monday of March (Mar 19). I’ll book the next few meetings all at once to make sure that the room will be available to us.

Don’t stop writing! 🙂   If you have something you’d like critique on, you can email it as an attachment to our email list, for feedback (and don’t forget to subscribe to this list at if you haven’t already).

Also, Cory went to a lot of work collecting a number of conferences, conventions and retreats – and writing notes summarizing each one – on our new Upcoming Events page, so please check it out.