We had a great meeting on June 4th (though we were a rather small group) — for the discussion portion, we went over a cheatsheet I had made of the “style” portion of Strunk & White’s Elements of Style. We had a new member, Miranda, join us (welcome! did I spell your name right?), who brought two very different versions of an opening to her story, so it was fun to compare and contrast them as well as critique them. Dylan brought a dramatically revised version of the introduction to his story, so we got to read that and offer some constructive criticism as well.

Here is an overview of our three meetings so far, with links to the various handouts/presentations:

To enable more people to make it to our meetings, we’ll be switching to an evening for our July meeting (tentatively a Thursday evening – do Thursdays usually work for everyone?). Does 6:30-8:30pm work?

Since the Bellingham Library closes at 6pm, we’ll need to meet somewhere else. One option is the Fairhaven Library (though it’s further south than I would prefer). Another option is the Cascade Conference Room (but it only seats 8 and is $45 — do-able, but I think we can find something cheaper). Also the Community Food Coop has a meeting room available in the Cordata area, but a member needs to be present at all times and they don’t allow groups that are open to the public (they want you to know in advance how many people are coming).

Does anyone know of other meeting rooms or conference rooms in the Bellingham area?